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Deutschland - Rheingau - BECKER, Weingut J.B.
2015 Wallufer Walkenberg Spätburgunder Auslese trocken (Rest 1 Fl.) 52.50 EUR
0.75 l. Flasche  pro l: 70.00 EUR
Alle Preise inkl. 19% MWSt. und zzgl. Versandkosten

Art: Rotwein

Rebsorte: Spätburgunder

Alkoholgehalt: 14,5 %

Trinken: jetzt - 2040

Anbau:  naturnah

Verschlussart:  Glasstöpsel

Gesetzliche Angaben: enthält Sulfite

  Wallufer Walkenberg Spätburgunder Auslese trocken (Rest 1 Fl.)
Abbildung und Jahrgang beispielhaft
Robert Parker: "The 2015 Rheingau Spätburgunder Wallufer Walkenberg Auslese Trocken is another unbelievable red from Hajo Becker. Dark but transparent in color, this is a highly finessed but concentrated and spicy-peppery flavored Pinot Noir. It is less dense and compact than the corresponding Spätlese from old vines but has remarkable purity, freshness and finesse. The tannins are tight and piquant, and the wine is very, very long, far too young but full of hope. A great Spätburgunder for sure, but you have to wait for it even longer than for the Spätlese Alte Reben. Tasted October 2017." 96 Punkte - Stephan Reinhardt
Stephan Reinhardt:" Becker's Spätburgunders—Pinot Noir makes 25% of the total vineyard acreage of 12 hectares—haven't been praised here for far too long. Yielding not more than 20 hectoliters per hectares, and fermented in pressure tanks before the aging in barrels, these are incomparable red wines in the German but also international context: They are dark but still transparent in color, ripe, intensely aromatic and powerful but also elegant, fresh and very, very long. They don't have the aromatic and finessed berry fruit aromas like a Pinot Noir from Burgundy or their German lookalikes as they are predominantly made from German clones and aged in traditional large oak but never in barriques. Like the Rieslings grown in Eltville and Walluf, these are true to their terroir as to the vintage. There was not a single cru produced in 2014 but a beautifully lithe and fresh Spätburgunder Kabinett which assembles all the grapes from different vineyards."
Dieses Produkt haben wir am Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2018 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.

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