Corton Grand Cru "La Vigne au Saint"

Jahrgang 2015

The Wine Advocate Dezember 2016:" The 2015 Corton Grand Cru La Vigne Au Saint was showing just a touch of reduction on the nose, though underneath lie succulent strawberry jam, raspberry preserve and fresh orange zest aromas. The palate is medium-bodied with fine tannin. This is one of David Croix's most elegant offerings, but don't let that fool you into thinking this does not deliver plenty of does. It just feels so focused and tensile that you almost miss the puissance here. Simply one of the best wines David Croix has far."

Corton Grand Cru "La Vigne au Saint"
Abbildung und Jahrgang beispielhaft
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  • Art : Rotwein
  • Rebsorte : Pinot Noir
  • Weintyp : trocken
  • Alkoholgehalt: 13%
  • Anbau : naturnah
  • Verschlussart : Naturkork
  • Gesetzliche Angaben: enthält Sulfite

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  • Land / Region: France, Burgundy
  • Trinkempfehlung: 2025-2045
  • Dekantieren: Ja
  • Boden: Kalk
  • Anbau: naturnah
  • Gärung: Spontan mit Naturhefen
  • Ausbau: Gebrauchtes Barrique
  • Betriebsgröße: 6,5 Hektar
  • Auszeichnungen: 94-96 Punkte The Wine Advocate
  • Artikelnummer: 135077
CROIX, David
Mit viel Fleiß und Fingerspitzengefühl hat David Croix inzwischen die Domaine de Croix zu DEM Fixstern für die Appellationen Beaune und Corton gemacht. Seine Beaune-Weine gehören zum allerbesten, was man heute finden kann, seine Cortons sind die Spitze, die man aktuell finden kann. Die 2017er beweisen eindrücklich, zu welcher Finesse und Vielschichtigkeit diese Lagen fähig sind. Vorbei sind die Zeiten als sich ein Corton Grand Cru hinter den renommierten Lagen Grand Crus von Vosne-Romanée verstecken musste. Genau das unterstreichen die geradezu euphorischen Bewertungen von Allen Meadows und im Wine Advocate. "Régisseur David Croix commented about the 2017 vintage with a satisfied smile, "finally, we made some wine. It was honestly becoming depressing after the low yields we have endured in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and then 2016 was a complete disaster as we produced, on average, the equivalent of 7 hl/ha. This figure contrasts enormously with the roughly 45 hl/ha produced in 2017. What is perhaps even more remarkable is that we even dropped some fruit and still achieved that figure! I will note that the growing season was not without at least some excitement as we narrowly avoided another frost catastrophe. Otherwise though, things were calm and clement and while there was a spot of mildew at the beginning of summer, it didn't last as the conditions were largely pretty dry, in fact we had a bit of hydric stress in a few sectors. Thankfully there was just enough rain in August to provide the vines what they needed to finish the ripening cycle. I chose to begin picking on the 4th of September and the fruit really could not have been much cleaner. I used between zero and 40% whole clusters depending on the wine in question. As to the style of the 2017s, they remind me quite a bit of a more serious 2000, which is to say ripe but fresh. And also like the 2000s, I think that they will drink well early, later and in between." I quite agree with Croix' take on his wines as they do seem unusually accessible already."